(DNS (formerly BIG-IP GTM

(DNS (formerly BIG-IP GTM

DNS (formerly BIG-IP GTM)


Performance. Security. Availability.
Deliver what’s expected of your apps.
Users expect apps to be fast, secure, and always available. Anything less is unacceptable. If you’re lucky, you’ll be one of few to hear about it.
Enter BIG-IP DNS. Think of it as app insurance.
BIG-IP DNS improves the performance and availability of your global applications by sending users to the closest or best-performing physical, virtual, or cloud environment. It also hyperscales and secures your DNS infrastructure from DDoS attacks and delivers a real-time DNSSEC solution that protects against hijacking attacks.
Speed, meet security.
BIG-IP DNS hyperscales up to 100 million responses per second (RPS) to manage rapid increases in DNS queries. 
With a set of features that includes multicore scalability, DNS Express, and IP Anycast integration, BIG-IP DNS handles millions of DNS queries, protects your business from DDoS attacks, and ensures top application performance for users.
BIG-IP DNS delivers a real-time, signed DNSSEC query response and DNS firewall services for attack protection and mitigates complex threats by blocking access to malicious domains.
Works with what you already have in place.
BIG-IP DNS services integrate with DNS zone management solutions, increase DNS performance at the network edge, and mask the DNS back-end infrastructure.
That translates into higher productivity, server consolidation, faster responses, and protected DNS management.
All-over availability.
BIG-IP DNS routes distributed app traffic to keep pace with changing network and user volumes that can overwhelm data centers during peak traffic times.
BIG-IP DNS can also be configured as a full proxy for global load balancing applications and DNS across architectures, as well as across the globe. Plus, you can use it in virtual and hybrid cloud environments to extend DNS services and global app availability while keeping centralized control within the data center

Part Number






BIG-IP DNS i2600

استعلام قيمت / ثبت سفارش/  درخواست پيش فاکتور


BIG-IP DNS i2800


BIG-IP DNS i4600


BIG-IP DNS i4800


BIG-IP DNS i5600


BIG-IP DNS i5800


BIG-IP DNS i7600


BIG-IP DNS i7800


BIG-IP DNS i10600


BIG-IP DNS i10800

BIG IP DNS (GTM) License


BIG-IP Virtual Edition DNS Base Add-on License (Global Traffic Manager, DNSSEC, 1000 RPS)


BIG-IP Virtual Edition DNS Max Add-on License (Global Traffic Manager, DNSSEC, 250000 RPS)


BIG-IP Virtual Edition DNS License (Global Traffic Manager, DNSSEC, Advanced Routing, 250000 RPS, v11.4.1 - v15.x)


BIG-IP Virtual Edition Lab License (LTM, GTM, DNS, AFM, ASM, APM Lite, AAM, CGN, SSL Forward Proxy, Advanced Protocols, Crypto Offload, 10 Mbps, v11.4.1 - v15.x)


BIG-IP Virtual Edition: Global Traffic Manager License


BIG-IP Virtual Edition Add-on: Global Traffic Manager License


BIG-IP Virtual Edition Add-on: DNS License


BIG-IP Virtual Edition Add-on: DNSSEC License (GTM & LTM+GTM Only)

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