مدیریت BIG-IQ

مدیریت BIG-IQ

Manage your BIG-IP devices, all from one place

Because adding more boxes increases complexity, you need ways to simplify system management. That’s where BIG-IQ Centralized Management comes in. From licensing to policies, traffic to security, you’ll see it all from a single pane of glass.


مدیریت BIG-IQ




Hundreds of devices—one point of control.


When you go from managing a few boxes to managing a few dozen, your processes, logistics, and needs all change. BIG-IQ Centralized Management brings all of your devices together, so you can discover, track, upgrade, and deploy more efficiently. You can also monitor key metrics from one location, saving yourself both time and effort


BIG-IQ Centralized Management by the numbers.


Centrally manage up to 200 physical, virtual, or virtual clustered multiprocessing (vCMP) based BIG-IP devices. BIG-IQ Centralized Management also handles licensing for up to 5,000 unmanaged devices, so you can spin BIG-IP virtual editions (VEs) up or down as needed




Streamline traffic, decrease headaches.


There’s more to traffic management than ensuring the availability of your applications. BIG-IQ Centralized Management and BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) work in tandem to help you manage all your BIG-IP LTM devices and their attributes, including VIPs, pools, member iRules, and nodes. It also lets application owners control pool members and virtual servers for their apps.


Business moves fast—and so do we.


When you can see your devices through a single interface, you can monitor the health of your traffic, see when issues are causing performance problems, and identify which servers are affecting availability. This comprehensive view helps you find solutions before traffic stops, rather than having to respond to downed servers. Centralizing this view also helps you evaluate statistics and generate reports with clearer context




Simplicity and security are not mutually exclusive.


Security is serious business and cutting corners is not an option. As your system grows, you need to be sure you can manage your security policies quickly and effectively. Get policy-based management of BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) and BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM). You’ll also get centralized reporting and security alerts For BIG-IP AFM, BIG-IP ASM, WebSafe, and MobileSafe


Take a good look at your system.


Get a better view of the overall strength of your system when you monitor security from a single screen. By seeing which policies are triggered and when, you can reduce firewall CPU utilization and optimize performance. Central reporting is not only easier, but can help you identify patterns and trends so your security response can be proactive, not just reactive.


Compliance without complication.


Let’s face it, identifying sources of failure and maintaining audit trails is a big challenge. BIG-IQ Centralized Management maintains a secure audit log of all changes and updates, helping you stay compliant with corporate policy.


Security without the runaround.


BIG-IQ Centralized Management allows you to import tested configurations and policies; view, edit, and compare firewall policies; and apply policies or updates across groups of devices or your entire infrastructure—all without leaving your desk.


The right access for the right people.


With RBAC, you can let individual teams manage their specific security instances. This helps minimize errors, maximize efficiency, and maintain security, while also providing a documented history of which policies were amended by whom.




Multiple policies, many machines? No problem.


While your devices may vary—physical, virtual, or hybrid—your policies need to remain constant. By pairing BIG-IQ Centralized Management with BIG-IP Access Policy Manager (APM), you’ll save time and money while reducing opportunities for errors, improper implementation, or conflicts between access and security polices.


From one to many.


BIG-IQ Centralized Management helps you manage policies for up to 100 BIG-IP APM instances, so you can import, compare, edit, and update across multiple devices from a single pane of glass.


Better visibility leads to better insight.


The dashboard view helps you see trends and relationship contexts more easily and improve response time if issues arise. With a holistic view of network health, you can better gauge how effective your policies are, where weak points may surface, and how best to respond to issues and concerns.

Part Number






BIG-IQ 7000 Centralized Manager (100 BIG-IP Instances)

استعلام قيمت / ثبت سفارش/  درخواست پيش فاکتور


BIG-IQ 7000 Centralized Manager (30 BIG-IP Instances)


BIG-IQ 7000 Centralized Manager (5 BIG-IP Instances)

BIG IQ License


BIG-IQ 7000 Add-on License for 20 BIG-IP Instances


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Centralized Manager (Max BIG-IP Instances)


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Centralized Manager (100 BIG-IP Instances)


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Centralized Manager (30 BIG-IP Instances)


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Centralized Manager (5 BIG-IP Instances)


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Add-on License for Max BIG-IP Instances


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Add-on License for 20 BIG-IP Instances


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Lab License (Full Management for 2 Devices, License Management for 25 Devices)


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition Lab Add-on License (License Management for 25 Devices)


BIG-IQ Virtual Edition License Manager for BIG-IP Virtual Edition

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